Working Steps
We Follow

We follow the sequential and systematic work process that results in a desirable and meaningful output. The series of patterns describe how something goes from being undone to done.

Requirement Gathering

In this step, we generate a list of requirements from our clients. The requirement could be functional or technical. It acts as a basis on what the project is and generates information on how it could be tackled. Requirement gathering is the most important step in our workflow. Here, clients must co-ordinate with our team members on time with clear and effective information.


Design & Development

In this step, many of the prominent features of a design are designed. This is the step in which the actual work begins. Here, our team members use many coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to decide on how your site looks like. Our team members collaborate effectively to finalize a large portion of the interior and exterior design. Design involves a creative process.

Similarly, development is related to technical aspects of the website creation. Our dedicated website developers create a site that exactly matches the client's needs and objectives. We are ready to create a new website or modify your existing site to provide you a highly customized solution. Our developers use the latest design and technology so that there are chances of fewer defects in the future. We assure you to develop an excellent site in terms of design, usability, and functionality.


Quality Assurance

This is the step in which mistakes and defects are identified and corrected to ensure better quality. For quality assurance, we ask feedback from our clients. If our work doesn’t meet the specific quality as per the requirement, we construct a plan with our project team to fulfill the desired process. In general, our professional teams are here to develop, detect and inspect the output to deliver satisfactory outcomes to our clients.


Deployment & Maintenance

This is the final process in which new software, or website is run properly in its current environment. The process includes installation, configuration, running, testing, and making necessary changes. We do also provide follow-up services to ensure that the output that we have delivered provides you benefit in the long-run. Our clients may consult us until the period of one year if there is any problem with their site.