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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media is used for more than connecting with friends and family, as it is a powerful tool for your business and organization. You can expand your business visibility and increase the conversion rate and influence through social media. Because of this, social media marketing has become an essential aspect for any business - and you can get the best social media marketing service from one of the best agents for Social Media Marketing in Nepal, Softbenz Infosys. 

Get enhanced visibility and a better conversion rate through careful marketing from the best social media marketers in Nepal at your convenience.

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Features of Socia Media Marketing 


There are many social media platforms, and at Softbenz, our experts use every medium to enhance the visibility of your business via marketing platforms. 

Regular Updates

Consistency is the key to success, and we understand this extremely well. Because of this, we provide you with regular and consistent updates to ensure that your audience gets regular business updates through your social media. 

Monitoring the competition 

If you have social media, your competitors will likely have social media as well. With our expert social media marketers, we provide you with a deep analysis of your competitor's social media status performance. 

Enhanced Engagement 

With our expert social media marketers, you can get enhanced engagement on your pages, increasing your conversion rate. 

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Effective SMM strategy

Marketing strategy for your social media for effective lead generation and increased conversion rate 

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Custom Campaigns designed to attract and engage viewers through creative methods

Target audience and result pattern analysis

Complete analysis of your target audience and their behaviour pattern on your social media pages for efficient targeting

Page setup and optimisation

Optimize your social media page for better conversion rates and increased appeal to your target audience

Paid and Unpaid Advertisement 

Customized content for your social media pages and paid marketing campaigns to boost your social media presence and influence client requirement.

Our Social Media Marketing Service

As one of the best agents in Nepal for Social Media Marketing, we provide you with an efficient marketing campaign for enhanced visitor conversions. 

Community Growth

With our expert marketing strategies, our social media campaigns create and grow your business's community.

  • Create a community related to your business
  • Spread your branding within the community
  • Enhance your brand trust
  • Link sharing through the community


Enhanced engagement is one of the core aspects of social media marketing. Through marketing campaigns custom-made for your business, we ensure that you get increased engagement.

  • Custom marketing campaign
  • Use of multiple marketing methods
  • Effective posts
  • Increased Clicks


Using the previous data, our social media marketing experts carefully narrow down the potential customers for your business to ensure a high conversion rate.

  • Data analysis 
  • Customer prioritization
  • Target specific audience 
  • Innovative software to track performance

How do we work?

Client Requirements and Goals

The first step of Social Media Marketing is to know the requirements of our clients. This includes taking in the data regarding the client's needs, wants, and requirements. 

Social Media Analysis

Once our experts take in the data from our clients, our experts then analyze the competitors and the current scenario in the social media niche to prepare an efficient plan.

Social Media Plan

In this step, our expert social media markers prepare an efficient and custom social media plan as per your needs. 

Review, revise, and finalize

After our social media prepare the marketing plan, the plan is shown to our client, which is then reviewed and finalized before implementation. 

Implementing and reporting

In this final step of social media marketing, our expert starts your marketing campaigns and then periodically reports the performance status. 


Q: What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? 

A: Social media marketing is conducting marketing activities such as advertising and content promotion on social media platforms. The social media platforms can range from conventional ones like Facebook and Instagram to unconventional ones like Reddit and Telegram.

Q: Why do I need SMM for my business?

A: Social Media Marketing allows you to gain visibility on massive platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and promote your brand to get better leads and gain customers. SMM also helps you to know customer preferences and engage with them on a closer level for better trust and goodwill. 

Q: What are the six types of SMM?

A: As long as you are not prohibited by the law and community guidelines, you can use virtually anything to market your products/ services on social media. However, regardless of this, all of these activities can be categorized into six major types. They are:

  • Content marketing.
  • Advertising and sponsorship.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Social media management
  • Paid media.
  • Social media reviews

Q: What is the goal of social media marketing?

A: Any type of marketing aims to spread awareness, promote the brand and gain new customers. Not surprisingly, these goals are also aligned with social media marketing. However, social media is a two-way channel, so a few additional goals are attached to social media marketing; increasing customer engagement. 

Q: What is the cost of running a social media marketing campaign?

A: The simplest answer is that your social media campaign will depend on the complexity of your social media campaign and the area it covers. However, we provide packages ranging from Rs 15,00 per month for basic to Rs 30,000 with advanced features to simplify things. Check out our social media packages. Furthermore, if you require a custom package, email us at or call us at +9779851223631, +9779801848492, 01-4796657.

Our experts will help you determine the cost of your custom social media package.


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