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Softbenz Infosys Pvt Ltd. is a revenue-based project company specializing in the IT sector. We are especially working in the field of website design and software development in Nepal. Not only that, our other services include mobile app development, digital marketing and graphics designing. We are your best IT partner and believe that website and digital marketing are the only ways to promote growing businesses digitally. 
Located at Shankhamul, Kathmandu our B2B (Business to Business) company aims at transforming and updating tech services to deliver quality outputs. Softbenz is the only choice for your web problems due to brilliant teamwork, passionate team members, and first-class service delivery. Since 2017, the company has proved to be award-winning technology solutions to clients. Our projects are fully successful in terms of time, cost, design, and performance.

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Our IT services consist of business and technology experts who help to manage business processes of all categories.


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Softbenz, being a B2B (Business To Business) company hopes for a better client relationship by ensuring long-term benefits and quality service. Client satisfaction is not just our business obligation but a responsibility.