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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

The Best Mobile App Development Company in Nepal

This is the era of smart devices and as such you must have a mobile app to stay on top of your competition. At Softbenz we analyze your needs and develop the perfect Mobile application tailored made for your needs. Regardless of what your needs for the mobile app are, be it financial, educational, or information, with our team of expert developers, you will get the perfect mobile application to ensure that your users get the best experience with your business/organization.

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Our Mobile App Development

Why choose Softbenz for Mobile App Development Company in Nepal?

Custom Mobile App Service in Nepal

Mobile applications that function the way you want them to


Get a secure platform in mobile devices for your business without the risk of data leakage.

Responsive UI

An interface that adapts according to the device to provide your users with an excellent experience

Highly speed and performance

High speed and High performance are integrated into every mobile application you get

Cross Platform compatible

Get applications compatible with a wide range of mobile platforms, be it android, iOS, or Windows OS.

Our Mobile App Development Services in Nepal

Softbenz is among the best mobile app development agencies in Nepal. As such, we offer the following Mobile App Development Services:

Native Mobile App Development

Our expert mobile application developers design and program the perfect application tailor-made for your business to run on your specific platform. This includes every mobile app that is exclusive to a single platform such as ios and Android.

  • Best-performing mobile apps
  • Enhanced security
  • Intuitive design

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Our mobile apps are not limited to single platforms. If you need a mobile app that can work across platforms, Softbenz is one of the best mobile application development agencies for you. We ensure that our hybrid mobile apps work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

  • Quick and efficient development
  • Scalable Applications
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Online and offline support

Progressive Mobile App Development

Progressive mobile apps are web pages that resemble mobile apps. These lightweight applications are quick to load, have some of the best performance even in poor networks, and do not take much of your mobile space. If you need such a mobile app, then Softbenz is the best mobile app development agency for you.

  • Short Loading Time
  • Small Size
  • Independence of app aggregators
  • Instant Updates

Wearable and embedded Software

Softbenz is not just limited to traditional formats of mobile applications. Since we are one of the best mobile app developers around, our experts also provide you with wearable and embedded apps that you can use to assist in your daily life.

  • Hands-free access
  • Connected to smart devices
  • Set Goals and Track your progress
  • Monitor your fitness

How Do We Work


At the start of every mobile app development session, our experts take in your request and analyze the requirements. Once this is done, our experts then provide a suggestion that can enhance the performance of your mobile app.


Once all the analyses and suggestions are made, our mobile app development experts then prepare a plan and a wireframe of the mobile app. During this process, the inner workings along with the outlook of the mobile app are planned.


Once the planning is done, our mobile app developers then start developing your mobile app. This includes the development front end, and back end, and customizing the UI/UX of your mobile app.

Test and Debugging

Once the coding aspect is completed, the second major part is to test for errors and fix them. This phase is all about perfecting the finished product


After perfecting the mobile app, our experts launch your mobile app across multiple platforms through the google play store and apple app store.


Mobile apps launched by Softbenz are constantly monitored for their performance after they are launched on app stores and play stores. The suggestions are then implemented to enhance the performance of the mobile app.


1) What is mobile app development?

As the name suggests, mobile app development is a process that creates a mobile application for your business. These mobile apps can range from simple messaging apps to apps designed to keep a complete record of all your financial transactions and help you process your assets. If you require a mobile app that is fit for your business, you can always contact us for affordable and reliable service.

2) Why do I need a mobile app for my Business?

There are many reasons for this. One of the simplest and obvious answers is that a good mobile app increases your business interaction with your client, builds brand recognition, and builds goodwill. Besides this, a mobile app also increases your business and helps you gain an edge over your competitors.

3) What types of Mobile Apps can you develop?

We develop all kinds of mobile apps regardless of your needs. If we are to go by categories, our development plans include all three types of mobile applications, i.e. native mobile apps, Hybrid mobile apps, and Web Mobile apps. This includes applications such as:

  • Financial Mobile App
  • Diet and Nutrition app
  • Food delivery mobile app
  • Meditation Apps
  • Management Apps

And more. As long as you need mobile apps, we fulfill them.

4) How much time would it take for the App to develop?

Although the specifics will vary,  the average time ranges from 3 to 4 months from the inquiry to release. If you require an exact time estimation, it is good to talk to our experts and let them know your requirements.

5) Can you build a mobile app if I don't have a specific idea of my needs?

Yes, we can. You can consult with our experts about your general concept regarding the mobile application. They will guide you through the specifics and provide you with the best product possible.

6) Can you build an app that integrates with my existing systems?

This will depend on the type of App you require and your existing system. If your current system allows the integration of external mobile applications, then we can do it. If your existing system doesn't allow this, we can provide you with an upgraded version with integration compatibility.

7) Who owns the intellectual property rights to my App?

The ownership of intellectual property of mobile applications will generally belong to you - our customer. However, this may change depending on the agreement.

6) How much will it cost for a mobile app to be developed?

The cost will be estimated based on the complexity and features of the mobile App you require. If you require a specific price estimation, we recommend contacting us and letting our experts know about your needs and expectations.


Our Other Services

Our experienced team is here to utilize valuable resources efficiently that ensures client satisfaction. We guarantee you that our services will set exceptional growth for your business.